Black Luxury Homes, LLC has over 20 years of experience designing, permitting, managing and constructing Luxury swimming pools, spas and ancillary features. We have conceived thousands of exceptional pools and spas to meet all of our client’s wishes.

We use only the best products, equipment and finishes for a long lasting product you can be proud of. Our time-honored relationships with our contractors always results in the best installation. We have an acute knowledge and experience with the engineers, municipalities and Home Owners Associations that will insure your permit process will be handled in the most professional manner.

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At Black Luxury Homes, LLC, we view Pool and Landscape design as a process which starts with the collection of information from our client with regards to their vision, budget and timeframe for the project as well as the physical site characteristics. After our initial review of the available information, our in-house designer will develop a design which integrates all aspects of the project including consideration of HOA requirements, existing and new structures, landscaping, plantings, hardscapes and much more. BLH designer will prepare a complete set of construction drawings utilizing CAD technology for the clients review and approval. An approved drawing allows us to complete equipment and material selections and prepare a final cost estimate for the project.

  • Consultation: Designing a pool for some can be a daunting task there are so many shape variations and accessories to choose from. Functionality is very important while making sure the project remains proportional to the yard side and stylizing your pool to compliment your home. Our goal is to make the process as simple for you as possible while customizing your project.
    We meet with each of our client’s one on one at your home obtaining yard measurements; preview the utilities and existing site conditions making sure to catch any obstacles that could delay the construction process.
  • Design Development: Our designer has many years of experience creating beautiful architectural elements to accent your project. Whether you’re looking for Real and Artificial Rock Water features or Negative and Zero Edge features or Decorative Walls and Columns with Fire or Water Elements or a swim bar with a Ramada, we can make it work. We have architects and structural engineers to support our designs, turning your dreams into your reality.
  • Material and Equipment Selection: We are partnered with Pentair Pool Products in order to provide the highest quality pool filtration, heating and pumps available. Their products, warranty and service exceed all expectations in their field. From variable speed pumps to Lighting and even Water Features they are at the forefront in technology advancements. We will help guide you in the selection of all elements of your pool from Decking to Tile, Interior to Fixtures. We are in constant contact with our suppliers to make sure we have access to new product lines and finishes.
  • Computer Aided Drafted Plans (CAD): All of our plans are created in house by our drafter with over 20 years of experience. The CAD drawings include all pertinent information including layouts, plumbing schematics, feature details and a full material and quantitates list. These plans are vital to communicate to our contractors what you want and how to build it.
  • Construction Cost Estimating: Because of our comprehensive design process and plans we are able to provide estimates that are complete and final. When comparing to other builders, we are able to provide an apples to apples quote so you can see the true value by using our company to build your dream pool. Many of our clients are able to take advantage of the additional savings and put it back into the design, giving them more bang for their buck.

Once our design process is complete, Black Luxury Homes LLC will determine what, if any of the elements of the project requires permitting and /or HOA review. The BLH designer assigned to the project will prepare the required submittals including plans, specifications, engineering, material samples and applications.

  • Municipal Permits: Our background has given us an understanding to the permitting process like no other. City and County codes often change, because we do our drafting in-house and we hand deliver our permits, we are able to make changes quickly and efficiently to accommodate new codes and enforcements.
  • HOA Application and Submittal: We will handle your HOA applications and submittals for you. We have seen many people be effected by pools being built without the regard to Home Owners Association. This could cause delays and result in fines. We treat the HOA applications just like we would any municipality, the plans will be CAD drawn, to scale following their guidelines to smooth your transition from design to construction.
  • Site and Structure Permits: Permit site plans are drawn to scale using CAD, again following the municipal guidelines for swimming pool construction. Every city/county has their own process, rules, codes, documents and requirements for their site plans and applications. While our engineers have standard plans on file with most cities, some will require Grading and Drainage Plans, Site Specific Engineering or additional Structural Details. Our engineers are prepared to accommodate all permit requirements for your pool.

Black Luxury Homes LLC is a licensed, insured and bonded general contractor (ROC 295659) for projects located in the state of Arizona. As a general contractor we can not only construct the luxury pool elements of your project, we can also construct, gazebos and shade structures, pool cabanas, outdoor kitchens, landscaping and much more. BLH offers our clients a one stop shop for all their construction needs including the construction of projects designed by the owner or others. Our construction services include but are not limited to:

  • Construction Scheduling and Management: In today’s world, time is money. We will maintain a schedule that is prompt and concise so you can start enjoying your pool as quickly as possible. Your project manager will follow up with each of our subcontractors to make sure your project is progressing as planned. If challenges arise, they will be meet promptly and remedied with your best interest in mind.
  • Quality Control Inspections: We and our contractors will keep up to date on the regulations to make sure your project is kept up to code and an approval is obtained. Your project manager will also be on site for all city inspections to make sure communications are clear and the municipalities are satisfied. We work very closely with our contractors to make sure your final product is the absolutely best it can be.
  • Owner Coordination and Communication: We will keep you informed of the permitting process, construction schedule and draw timeline so you will know where you are in the project development as well as whom is at your home and when. All of our contractors report directly to the project manager. They, along with their support staff, will make sure you are updated at each phase.

At the request of many clients, Black Luxury Homes, LLC (BLH) has provided services as a management consultant in lieu of a general contractor. This option allows clients to select subcontractors and vendors of their choice and complete some of the work with their own forces. The result is potential cost savings of thousands of dollars on luxury landscape projects. BLH assists clients and property owners in the technical aspects of each project including the design of improvements, bidding and cost estimating, and construction oversite and management. Some clients also feel more comfortable with the process when they control the subcontractor selection, material procurement and the financial aspects of the project. BLH can provide any or all of our to clients who wish to contract their own projects including but not limited to site construction, landscaping, swimming pools, home remodeling and construction of new custom homes.


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