Kevin & Kim Robinson

Black Luxury Homes has done several projects for us since moving to Arizona 12 years ago. They built our current custom home, have completely remodeled 2 rental properties and installed backyard landscaping with a pool in yet another rental property.

We have complete confidence in the quality of workmanship and service of Black Luxury Homes that we did not hesitate as to who we would use in the construction of a second custom home which is currently under build. Subsequently it was a no brainer for our son and his wife as to who would be their contractor on their current new custom home build.

Kelly and his team are very professional yet personable. They all have easygoing qualities which make them great to work with. They speak in terms that are understandable and made us feel comfortable discussing ideas without the need to interpret technical talk. He guarantees 100% customer satisfaction and has never done any less with us.

Above all, you can trust Kelly and company. They go above and beyond.

We would highly recommend Black Luxury Homes to anyone without any hesitations.